Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin.
A collaborative performance installation by Morvarid K, Yuko Kaseki and Sherwood Chen.
Concept / Photographs: Morvarid K
Performance: Yuko Kaseki, Sherwood Chen and Morvarid K
Lighting Design: Teo Vlad

Cassures Sublimées is the first phase of performance installation research by Morvarid K, Yuko Kaseki and Sherwood Chen which exalts the breach as generative.
Life happens. Plans work. They surpass expectations. Break to pieces. Reassembly initiates volatile new poetries contained in cherished, welcome imperfection.

This body of work is a story of eminent rifts, a danced vulnerable beauty from cassures in our dreams and the tail of life. The event will yield material traces and live documentation, providing fragments and moments from which Morvarid K will construct iterative sculptural and photographic pieces in a seam-riddled mise en abyme of performance, materiality and installation.



Photographs of performance by Alexandre Dupeyron