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Morvarid K


BNF acquisition

These 3 pieces from THIS TOO SHALL PASS have happily joined the BNF collection. They will be part of "L'épreuve de la matière", group exhibition at BNF from October 2023…

Radical Perspectives at Bigaignon

What is photography? This question, which seems both simple and obvious at first glance, was the starting point for Thierry Bigaignon in building this large-scale collective exhibition. An exhibition which…

E-rase M E-go, Perofrmance, Berlin

A walk-in live installation, spreading over three days and a total of nine hours. Playing with the elements of text, voice, sound, dance, performance, and sculptural objects. Performance artists Lisa…

The Other Blue Sky

Eraser residue from the erasing of a 60 x 90 cm photo, single piece 26 hours of work It is one of those less documented works, yet fundamental in my…